NewKick’s Top 10 Athletic Style’s for Men

With almost all of us working from home and spending the majority of our time in sweatpants, elevated casualwear feels more relevant than ever -plus, it’s super comfortable. But comfort isn’t the only reason that this men’s style guide boasts athletic wear. In fact, not only is it super practical, but also highly versatile. In just one outfit, you’re able to run straight from the gym to running errands, or of course, to the Zoom call on your couch. 

There is a world out there filled with athletic styles for men, and we’re going to give you just a taste of what to expect on our upcoming blog series that includes a wide range of women’s and men’s style guides. 

For now though, let’s show you the best of the best, right here at New Kick. To start off, we have our top 5 men’s footwear best

Top 5 Men’s Sneakers

1. Armour Sneaker

armour sneaker

First up, it’s the Armour men’s sneaker. Here we combine heritage and function to create a hip sneaker with the fit of a running shoe. Made with premium materials, the Armour Sneaker is lightweight and flexible from heel to toe and delivers a secure fit thanks to lacing technology inspired by the top brands. With perforated details for enhanced breathability, this versatile sneaker pairs great with slacks for lunch, sweats for the gym, or jeans every day. Just what you need to “new” kick off your day.

2. Conweb Sneaker

conweb sneaker

The Conweb Sneaker is highly versatile, fashionable, and comfortable. Made with a modern high top and breathable mesh panels, this men’s footwear item has durability and strength in its design. The look of the Conweb Sneaker varies as you can pick up three stunning colors of blue, white, and black. 

3. Boost x9x Sneaker

boost x9x sneaker

Another fantastic item in our men’s style guide - the Boost x9x Sneaker is a showstopper. A true breakthrough shoe, its bold, unrestrained look puts on huge shows of style on your feet. These men’s sneakers look so good; you’ll have no problem taking them to the streets. This unique sneaker has a modern, streamlined design with a wide range of eye-capturing colors, and can be worn with any outfit for a fresh look.

4. Mio Sneaker

mio sneaker

The Mio men’s sneaker is high-end, unique, and designed with versatility in mind. The sneaker boasts a higher than standard arch shade, as well as an elastic strap at the top of the shoe to help prevent inevitable slippage. The rubber sole helps provide traction on slippery surfaces. With this in mind, the benefits can be lived up to when purchasing these shoes. 

5. Vex Sneaker

vex sneaker

The Vex line is excellent for urban environments. Vex keeps feet cooler than standard sneakers because of the built-in ventilation system. This men’s sneaker is a statement for athletic styles for men as it heightens your own personal style and stands out from the pack. This highly versatile sneaker is ideal for the urban explorer. 

Top 5 Athletic Style’s for Men 

1. Fire X Set

fire x set

The Fire X Set is one of our most innovative and creative sets to date. Our number one goal with the Fire X Set was comfort and unique style. The Fire X Jogger and Jumper set is designed with an urban look for sporty adults, but it also boasts comfort that you can use every day, whether at school, on your way to the gym, or relaxing at home.

2. Yuuki Sweatshirt

yuuki sweatshirt

The Yuuki Sweatshirt features an o-neck collar, graphic-print design, and an all-over cool aesthetic. The Yuuki is made with pure cotton that’s been specially treated for a soft feel. This remarkable piece of athletic style for men is the perfect item of clothing for anybody who loves anime. The front of the sweatshirt features a black, sleek, Yuuki graphic. However, this sweatshirt isn’t just for style; it’s also made from high-quality materials that will keep you comfortable all day long.

3. Baggy T-Shirt

baggy t-shirt

If you love Japanese art, comics, and animation, then you are surely going to love our exclusive collection of novelty baggy t-shirts. Our quirky collection boasts style, and will instantly become part of your new favorite look. If you’re an art fanatic, then let the Baggy T-Shirt in our men’s style guide express your love for it in a fun and quirky manner! 

4. Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jacket

This cool jockey bomber jacket is a fashion statement, but also a functional coat. It has been crafted from the finest materials and offers superior comfort. The bomber jacket has several features, one of them being that it will never go out of style—an essential for the guy who wants to be on-trend and wear a unique, jocky bomber. 

5. HarleyQ T-shirt

HarleyQ T-shirt

Last but definitely not least, this Harley Q t-shirt will have you grinning ear to ear. With the iconic smiley face, authentic to the Harley brand, this dip dye t-shirt will drum up excitement for you in friends and strangers alike. Harley Q’s urban-inspired designs are made of soft, comfortable cotton with unique features that we’re sure ladies will


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