Fashion trends for Spring at Newkick store

Fashion trends for Spring at

Spring signals re-birth, so why not take the logic to your wardrobe too? It is time to refresh your clothing collection for the springtime with the following items from our trendy


The M&M jacket is a fun way to add colors to the spring wardrobe while staying on a neutral color pallet. You can wear it for school or a casual day at work. The jacket is also an excellent companion on a chilly spring night. It is lightweight and easy to dress. Need we go on…?

Heart Jacket

Of course
, we have the Heart Jacket if you are searching for a colorful spring clothing item. The complete heart pattern is made of cotton and polyester blend. As a result, it is not too hot for the spring sun. Moreover, the hoodie is unisex and comes in black, white, and pink colors to represent your aesthetic.

Old School Short Jeans

Denim shorts are a staple in anyone’s closet. Therefore, you need
the Old School Short Jeans offered by Feel the crisp spring air on your legs while you shop, travel, hike, rest, or party as the shorts transition from day to night. Surprisingly, the shorts make an excellent gift for your significant other and friends.

Ripped Jeans
also offers signature Ripped Jeans for a streetwear-inspired look. These are a cotton blend that does not shrink after washing. In addition, they feel and look comfortable, making the jeans perfect for a spring day. Theseripped jeans are high fashion on a budget with button and zipper closure for ultimate protection.

Duck Shirt

Duck Shirt adds a quirk personality to your existing wardrobe. Ironically, you can wear the shirt during bird watching or feeding the ducks at the park. The t-shirt is timeless and genderless, perfect for men, women, dads, etc. Like all the clothing items, the shirt is incredibly lightweight for all duck lovers!

Fusion Shirt

Fusion shirt is truly unique with its graphic Ankara print. It comes in black and white with a round neck. The design is breathable, and the fabric’s elasticity will prevent you from overheating in the sun. The t-shirt is perfect for everyday use, so definitely check it out!

Hip-Hop Bucket Hat

Are you searching f
or a lightweight cotton hat for spring? Your search ends today with the Hip-Hop Bucket hat. It comes with a circular brim for all-year-around protection from the sun. Whilewearing the cap, you can turn your head comfortably. Furthermore, it does not interrupt your peripheral vision either. Purchase it in light gray, dark gray, light brown, and dark brown from our website.

Thunder Earrings


Complete the outfit with our Thunder Earrings to complement the spring thunderstorms. It isn’t spring until we welcome unexpected rain with the scent of fresh grass. The design is a standout in the crowd with its classiness. These earrings are constructed with anti-fade and karat gold copper that does notrust. Lastly, the hoops will not irritate 


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