Newkick.Store’s Ultimate Guide To Wearing Sneakers | Sneaker Giveaway
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Newkick.Store’s Ultimate Guide To Wearing Sneakers | Sneaker Giveaway

When was the last time you walked barefoot on the floor? The answer “never” signifies the crucial importance of comfy footwear. Today, we discuss sneakers and how you can wear them in different ways to become a local fashion icon. You ready?

Slit skirt + sneakers

Do you want to look like a supermodel on a runway? suggests wearing sneakers with a high-slit skirt. The combination is very alluring. On the other hand, the outfit is comfortable and airy, making it perfect for a summer’s day out. Lastly, you can pair the elements for a casual date to a movie theatre if you are feeling adventurous.

Skirt suit + sneakers

For a smart option with the sneakers, opt to dress in a mini-skirt suit. You will definitely look like an “influencer” but on a budget. Collared suits are gaining popularity because of their broad shoulders and slim lapels. Become a fashion enthusiast and impress everyone on the streets!

Floral dress + sneakers

If you are searching for a tomboy option, look no further! Pair sneakers with a floral dress for the perfect balance between femininity and masculinity. The floral-patterned dress will add girly attributes without overpowering the outfit. You can complete the look with different sneakers from the

Trench coat + sneakers

For a unisex look, pairing sneakers with a trench coat is ideal for welcoming autumn. Trench coats add style and charisma while protecting you from the cold breeze. We won’t argue it is a basic outfit, but it comes with a twist. Wearing sneakers with it will make you stand out at all times, day or night.

Casual + sneakers

Of course, you can take the classic route—a white t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. There are endless combination options, such as wearing an oversized, sleeveless, or a more fitted top. Moreover, the jeans come in so many blue hues. You can create a streetwear-inspired look by choosing acid-wash jeans. Regardless, it indeed screams effortless.

Long dress + sneakers

Sneakers are about comfort, so why not pair them with a maxi dress? This is the outfit to wear while running errands. However, you can wear it on a Sunday brunch or a trip to the local vineyard. Maxi dresses come in floral, graphic, and check designs. Match the dress with your personality for an impressive outfit.

Tracksuit + sneakers

Time to mention an athleisure look to the list. Pairing sneakers with a monochromatic tracksuit is a very celebrity thing to do. Most well-known actors adopt the combination for shopping and dining occasions. Other than the maxi dress, you can choose this look for running errands. Matching hoodies with trousers is another similar approach to this option.

Shorts + sneakers

The last look on our list requires the right accessories. Short-sleeve button-down and shorts is a daring look, but you can pull it off! Complete the look with sunglasses and a chunky watch. Do not opt for colorful sneakers. Pair the colorful shirt with very simple is doing a sneaker giveaway!

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