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How To Wear A Shirt 8 Different Ways?

A shirt is a staple item in our wardrobe. And since we all own so many shirts, we can improvise endless combinations for a new look every day. Here is how you can use shirts to impress your friends or a special someone with your fashion sense.

1.   DIY crop top t-shirt

No need to purchase a t-shirt and cut it at the bust. The shreds and threads are havoc to clean, and it compromises the quality too. We suggest tucking the t-shirt under the bra strap for a chic, streetwear look. Complement the look with high waisted jeans and strappy heels for a summer trip.

2.   T-shirt +blazer

Nothing wrong with layering. The second fashion look asks for a t-shirt paired with a blazer. It is business meets casual meets all forms of cute. The outfit was trendy in the pre-pandemic times and is still worn by famous editors and celebrities. It is incredibly comfortable, so you can focus on your tasks.

3.   Tucked T-shirt

Not a fan of bare-midriff? No problem! Tuck the anime shirt under the jeans for a traditional look. It is the go-to option for a conservative lover. Complete the look with a tote, sunglasses, or chunky jewelry. You can wear the look all year round to stay fashion-forward.

4.   T-shirt +distressed denim

The streetwear look is incredibly in right now. Become a trendsetter by pairing the shirt with distressed shorts. Show off the tanned legs with an anklet. The look complements humid and warm weather. It looks chic, trendy, cozy, and all the similar adjectives.

5.   T-shirt +suit

Boss ladies, unite! The following outfit is for you. Fashion is about showcasing your personality, so pair the shirt with a power suit. Yes, the combination is unorthodox, but it completely works. Wear a monochromatic two-piece suit with the amine shirt visible between the lapels. Complete the look with a bag and sneakers.

6.   T-shirt +skirt

Go all out with summer dressing by pairing a shirt with a floral shirt. The long skirt is incredibly airy for a date or a walk on the beach. It exudes feminity on a budget. The fashion-forward outfit will revolutionize your closet. You will become more daring with outfits too.

7.   T-shirt +denim

Unsure what to wear on a breezy cool night? Wear an oversized denim jacket with the anime shirt. Done a skirt or wide-legged jeans on the lower half. You can opt for a distressed look that is very retro-inspired. You can take all the credit for this fashionware look!

8.   T-shirt +shorts

Are you going for a run, or is it an errand day? Wear an oversized shirt with shorts. The outfit looks and feels insanely comfortable. It is effortless and makes you look super cool without trying too

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